AI Admits

Our Team 🙋‍♀️

Kevin Wang

Founder of AI Admits

Kevin is a forever student-at-heart who graduated from UPenn + Wharton in 2020 with dual-degrees in Computational Biology, Management, and Statistics. He has a deep background in applying AI, as a founder/early-team member in AI startups associated with Weill Cornell Medicine and winning the UC Innovation Prize. He has served as a AI-focused Strategy Consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Dean Blackman

Admissions Advisor

Dean Blackman has decades of experience in college admissions, serving as the Dean of Harvard Graduate Admissions and the Dean of Columbia Undergraduate Admissions. She has evaluated millions of students over her 45 year career, and has helped countless students gain admissions in top colleges including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, and much more.

As an Advisor to AI Admits, she works closely with the founding team to ensure that our services are exceptional and ethical.