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     Under the muted glow of a single lamp, I counted the crumpled bills on my table. The once vibrant green notes appeared worn and faded, their diminished state mirroring my exhaustion. At the end of an eighty-hour retail job marathon, I had finally saved enough to buy my dream: a laptop. As I traced my fingers over the neat, precise numerals denoting $800, the lump in my throat grew. I was so close to touching a dream I'd held onto for years, yet, why did the moment taste so bittersweet?

     In the midst of shiny new textbooks and designer backpacks, my worn-out school supplies stood out like a sore thumb. The frayed edges of my books, the patchwork repairs on my backpack; each was a stark testament to my parents' immigrant status and our ongoing battle with poverty. Yet, these humbly adorned objects carried a weight of their own, a proud testament to the lengths that my family would go to access education.

     My parents, Mexican immigrants, instilled in me an unshakeable resilience from a tender age. Their ceaseless labor, their unwavering determination to carve a life out of chaos, became the rhythm to which my own heart danced. They would always say, "Nunca dejes que tu situación defina tu destino" - Never let your circumstances define your fate.

     My home was the epicenter of pulsating life, reverberating with the vibrant beats of Mariachi, the aroma of fresh tamales permeating the air, and the incessant laughter that punctuated our fiestas. Our humble home transformed into a festive arena where everyone forgot their daily struggles, and we reveled in the pure joy of being a family. Despite the hardships we faced, these occasions painted vivid strokes of joy, hope, and camaraderie on the canvas of my childhood.

      It was this hope that fueled me as I worked overtime at a local clothing store for minimal wage. The clicks and clacks of the retail store register, the rustle of clothing on the racks, the ever-present smell of plastic bags, all became part of my story. My bones ached, and fatigue threatened to claim me after every shift, but I pressed on. Each dollar saved brought me closer to the dream that lived in my heart: to carve out a future where I could transform my circumstances and give back to my community.

     Finally, after months of determination and perseverance, I held the tangible form of my dream in my hands - I purchased my own laptop. It was a beacon of hope that mirrored my journey. The sleek metal felt cold against my fingertips, the faint electrical hum a whisper of the knowledge it would help me access.

     As I gaze at my journey so far, I see a tapestry woven with the threads of resilience, hope, and hard work. My family, our shared struggle, the love that supports us, and my fervent dreams are the pillars that hold me up.

     Being born to struggling immigrants has colored my world in hues of struggle, but it has also painted brilliant strokes of resilience, determination, and a fierce love for my roots. Each worn-out textbook, each fiesta, each tiring shift at the retail store has been an indelible part of my journey. A journey that's steeped in my culture, marked by relentless pursuit, and aimed towards a future of transformative possibilities.

     And now, as I am about to embark on this new chapter in my life, my beat-up backpack, my hard-earned laptop, and the vibrant memories of my family's fiestas will come along. They are a part of my story, a story that's still being written. One keystroke at a time, I will strive to change my world, because 'nunca dejo que mi situación defina mi destino.' I never let my circumstances define my fate.

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     Like many students, I was nervous of getting someone else to review my essay. I was skeptical of AI Admits at first, but I tried it for free and the suggestions are so detailed and actionable.

     I love the grading feature to tell you which aspects of your essay to improve on. I will definitely ask my family and mentors to review my essay, but this was a great first opinion and showed me so many edits I want to make.



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     So much better than when I tried ChatGPT!

     Incredibly easy to use and super helpful for quickly turning an idea into an example essay to take inspiration from! I had 5 different ideas of essays I wanted to write, and AI Admits helped me see what those could look like.

     I chose my favorite ideas and worked from there. Saved me SO MANY HOURS and I think my essay is WAY STRONGER as a result!! Can't wait to try the essay review feature next!



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     College admissions is so competitive and complicated now compared to a few decades ago. It can seem so unfair for some students to get outside counseling but others can't afford it. Harvard, not all of us can spend $10,000 on a private counselor...

     THANK YOU SO MUCH AI Admits for helping guide my son and being affordable for almost any family!! I can't wait to see what schools he gets into with your help :)



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     It's hard to give every student the time they deserve. Especially in public schools, most counselors don't have the time to give detailed personalized feedback for each student's unique journey.

     I think AI is a great solution to this problem, and help us get more students into their dream colleges. Each student's ambitions and desires are unique, and I love how personalized AI Admits is.

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